Counsel To Market Leaders
Contino Partners provides a wide range of business, financial, and legal advice for lender, lessor, lessee and equipment vendor clients on all aspects of capital equipment leasing.

We have provided lease financing counsel, strategy, negotiation and documentation to leading banking institutions, including De Lage Landen Financial Services, Barclays, Chase, Citbank, Sumoto Mitsubishi and others. 

We have established and upgraded lease financing legal operations at leading leasing companies, including Rabobanks' De Lage Landen Financial Services.

We have consulted on major captive financing initiatives for high-profile corporations, such as Cisco Systems and Florida Power & Light.

We have advised overseas governments on drafting and restructuring leasing law for commercial opportunity and economic growth.

Contino Partners are the industry experts and go-to resource for all aspects of equipment leasing business, legal and financial advice

What We Do
Business, finance and legal counsel for lender, lessor, lessee and equipment vendor clients on all aspects of capital equipment leasing.
Strategic market assessments, start-up and operational assistance, marketing strategies and vendor program establishment.
Deal structuring and evaluation, transaction negotiation and work-outs. 
Corporate training seminars on equipment leasing, and business negotiations.

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The Deal Maker's Guide
The Complete Equipment Leasing Handbook deliver leasing know-how with Forms, Checklists, and Worksheets to present both a thorough overview of the entire process (from the lessor's, the lender’s and the lessee's perspectives).  It provides all the tools necessary for successful transactions, whether you’re on the lessor's, the lender’s or the lessee's side.
Well Reviewed
"I wish I had this guide years ago! I wouldn't be so far behind the learning curve today.  Great Book! I highly encourage it"

"Wow what a book. Very complete and coversall types of equipment leasing."
Our Advantage
The world's leading bankings, including Barclays, Chase, Citiibank, Sumito Mitsui Banking Corp., and Rabobank have leveraged the expertise of Managing Partner, Richard M. Contino, who is a renowned expert in providing counsel that combines his extensive of knowledge of all aspects of equipment leasing--legal, business and financial.  Call us today: 914-764-0800.